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My ‘Making Memories’ Craft Activities

Recently, I have been trying to come up with ways that I could create some lovely memories with my daughter by planning some arts and crafts activities together over the summer holidays. I wanted to have a keepsake element to them so that I had something to remind me of when we did them together and how old she would have been at the time.

After racking my brain for quite some time, it suddenly dawned on me that I have 10 years’ experience of being a primary teacher and have planned many art activities (and with art being my favourite subject), so it was time to dig deep and use my knowledge to inspire some fun but easy art activities that we could do together.

I came up with 6 activities – one for each week of the summer holidays (all parents know how long this drags on for, so we need things to keep them occupied!). I also kept a running theme of using either hand or foot prints so that as well as making memories together it would also serve as a little keepsake to add to the collection.

After thinking up these activities, I have now decided to share them with people on my mailing list, as they are really fun and easy to do – what parent wouldn’t appreciate a step by step guide for making something special with their children? I have made each activity into an easy to follow, 4 step set of instructions with pictures, so that anyone can pick them up and have a go.

If you are reading this and would also like access to my Making Memories activity pack, then you can sign up to my mailing list HERE where you will be sent the first of 6 activities straight away. I will then release the rest over the course of the summer holidays.

I hope you enjoy making memories with your children this summer as much as I enjoyed creating these fabulous, fun activities! x

Fine Silver vs Sterling Silver

‘What’s the difference between sterling silver and fine silver?’ So here it is: my first blog post! I thought a good subject to start with would be answering a question that I got asked a lot during the months leading up to my launch, which is What is the difference between sterling silver and fine… Continue Reading